Keeping a Clean Home with Dogs

It’s a fact of life at one time or another your home will get a little messy and dirty if you do not regularly give it a good tidy and clean.

However, if you are a dog owner you can be 100% sure that this occurrence will happen pretty much daily. Your canine friend does not think twice about stepping or rolling in mud and bringing the mess indoors with them. Pretty frustrating right?

In addition to mud and dirt, there is the consideration of wear and tear on furniture daily which could take a toll on the overall look of your home. There is also the possibility of fleas, which is enough to make any dog owner feel like they live in a dirty home.

So that being said, ‘is it possible to keep a clean home with dogs?’

Yes! Absolutely! As an owner the responsibility of a clean and tidy home is ultimately down to you, however, there are some routine steps you can take to ensure you have covered every angle. Keeping a clean house with dogs is highly possible once you know-how.

woman celebrating a clean home

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best tried and tested ways of keeping a clean house with dogs. Some of these you may be doing regularly anyway, but sometimes upping the frequency can make the world of difference.

How Can I Keep My Home Clean with Dogs?

Vacuum regularly

Ok, so the good old trusty vacuum. We all likely own one and use it regularly to keep carpets clean, but are you using yours enough? Dog hairs tend to get absolutely everywhere and easily get transferred to carpets. You’re canine friend likely spends a good proportion of their day at home which gives them plenty of time to potentially shed all over the house.

woman turning on a vacum cleaner

Besides dog hairs, mud and dirt are easily transferred into the house via your dog’s fur and paws as they love nothing more than to have a good roll around in the garden.

Vacuuming frequently is usually the only way to a clean home with dogs and by the time you are done vacuuming the house, it’s probably time to do it all again! The best advice is to vacuum as often as possible. There are even some cool looking self-cleaning robotic vacuums these days that do the job for you. They are ideal for removing pet hair and allow you to leave them on whilst you are at work! This could be highly entertaining for your pooch too!

Door Mats

Door Mats are a must when you have dogs in your home. As humans, we use mats to wipe our feet when entering into a house and this works in a very similar way for your dog. Ok, no, your dog isn’t expected to stand there and wipe their feet before coming inside, but it’s amazing how much dirt and debris can be caught just by running their paws over the material. Some dogs do take to wiping their own feet with some training, so this shouldn’t be ruled out as an option.

Dog laying on a door mat

One of the best ways I’ve found for keeping the home clean is to provide a mat just outside your front and back door and a washable throw rug just inside each door. The two combined will be pretty effective in eliminating dirt and debris entering your home, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Stain remover

As a certified dog owner, always have your stain remover close by at all times! You never know when that little bottle of magic will come in handy. Even the most housebroken dog can present issues from time to time. Whether that be an unexpected tummy bug that causes an accident or a flying glass of drink that ends up on the carpet thanks to an unintentional tail swipe, the stain remover has got your back!

stain remove being used on carpet

There are many very powerful stain removers on the market, for both indoor and outdoor messes. Be sure to purchase a stain remover that is specifically designed to tackle pet odor and stains. Never leave a stain until later. Always have your stain remover ready to act immediately. Stains don’t tend to go away easily if you leave them for another day.

Lint rollers

When lint rollers were brought to market, dog owners thought all their Christmas’ had come at once! Without a doubt, this lifesaving tool makes cleaning so much easier and is convenient for removing dog hair from…..well…….pretty much anywhere really. 

Lint roller

It is the perfect tool for removing hair from your clothing and can be used on furniture, bedding, blankets, dog beds, lampshades, you name it, and it will work. It’s so much more convenient than having to pull out all your vacuum attachments all the time and great for an ‘in the moment’ clean.

Cover furniture

Although there are many tools for cleaning furniture, the best prevention is by covering. For instance, covering a sofa with a throw that can be easily washed can prevent, mud, dirt, stains, and hair from getting into the material which would be much more difficult to clean. If your dog tends to lie on a particular part of the carpet, it may be a good idea to cover that area with a throw too in order to save your carpet.

sofa with throw blanket

Another great reason to cover furniture is to prevent doggie odor. There is no doubt about it, dogs can whiff sometimes and we all know what wet dog smells like. Not pleasant. These are all smells that can easily get into your furniture and are challenging to get rid of. A nice throw or blanket can be changed regularly for a wash. Make sure you always have a few to hand to allow for drying time.

Feeding area

Your dog loves nothing more than a tasty snack which is why feeding areas unless cleaned regularly, can get pretty grimy. Between bits of dry and wet food as well as water stains this is an area of the house you should pay some particular attention to. It’s quite easy to keep this area spick and span by taking the following steps:

  • Always clean out feed and water bowls after every meal and do not leave dry, uneaten meat hanging around.

  • Make sure you give the feeding area a good wipe down a few times a day

  • Use a feeding mat or rimmed tray under bowls to catch any discarded feed. These are super easy to clean!

Dog with Dog Dish and bowl

This is the one area I see neglected time and time again by dog owners. If you wouldn’t choose to eat from a dirty plate and table, then why should your canine friend? It’s a simple solution to what could eventually be a much bigger problem (Flies, maggots, and the like).

Dog Bathing

Some dogs absolutely love bath time and a snuggle in a bath towel to dry off, however, many don’t and this can become a problem for owners who are trying to keep their homes clean. A regular bath can eliminate a multitude of sins. Many owners choose to bath their dog a few times a week or more.

dog being washed in a bath tub

It is good practice to have your dog trained well enough to stop and sit when they enter the house. This gives you a great opportunity to give their paws a good wash before they proceed to traipse all the mud and dirt they have accumulated around your home. This is probably one of the best ways to prevent muddy paw marks which aren’t always easy to clean up (for those who went for the lighter shade of carpet!)

Flea Products

Fleas, fleas, and more fleas! Not a word any dog owner likes to hear, but it is important to put in place a good de-fleaing programme if you wish to keep a clean and hygienic home. Thanks to your pooch’s thick fur it is an absolutely ideal place for fleas to breed, keep warm, and chill. 

Fleas can be picked up from almost anywhere outside and transfer into your home. From your dog’s fur, they make their way to other warm places in the house such as sofas, carpet, bedding, dog beds, and upholstery. They breed at such a rate before you know, you are dealing with an infestation.

It is impossible to stop dogs from picking up fleas, however, a good de-fleaing programme such as a spot-on treatment can kill fleas on contact which ultimately stops them from breeding. This is the only sure-fire way of eliminating fleas from your home and helps to ensure you are living in a clean and healthy environment.

Buy wisely

Our canine friends love to lounge around in all the similar haunts of their trusty human, whether that be the couch, armchair, or lazing around on the rug. Over time your pooch will inevitably shed hair, transfer dirt, mud, and other debris onto these items as well as create the odd stain or two. This can leave your home feeling dirty and shabby.

Picking the correct type of pet friendly materials can go a long to keeping your home looking and feeling pristine. Opting for furniture made from durable, sturdy materials can help with clawing. Indoor/outdoor rugs with a low pile can be a great easy clean option as they can be hosed down outside as regularly as you need to. Stain-resistant fabrics can be particularly helpful to manage spillages and any easy clean wipe down materials are highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many ways that can help in keeping a clean home with dogs. Taking the steps above and having a regular routine is very important. 

At the end of the day, loving your dog and taking good care of your canine friend’s welfare and health is much more important than stressing about the odd bit of mud or hair in your home. You will never get rid of dog hair and dirt completely. And if you did manage to, you probably wouldn’t have a dog in the first place and where’s the fun in that?


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