Eco Treats for Dogs

Going eco-friendly is a modern to provide your dog with the very best in the latest doggy products, whilst still being conscious towards the environment and protecting the world that we live in.

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When becoming eco-friendly with your dog, one of the key products that we always seem to get through a lot of, is doggy treats. Your pooch loves nothing more than a tasty snack that’s for sure. Many of the treats on the market are not eco-friendly, due to the types of packaging used and the way the treats are produced.

Scientists suggest that Eight Million Tons of Plastic is Dumped in the Ocean Every Year which is equal to five grocery bags per every foot of coastline around the globe. That really is an astonishing amount! 

What are Eco Treats for Dogs?

Many of the production processes for dog treats are not environmentally friendly, releasing high amounts of toxic emissions into the air and contribute heavily towards deforestation.

Eco treats for dogs are designed and produced specifically with sustainability in mind

You know those cute little, handy, resealable bags that dog treats are normally sold in? Well, the packaging is often made from plastic or polystyrene, which can’t be recycled. It cannot be broken down or reused and isn’t compostable. 

Eco treats for dogs are generally made with the most naturally sourced ingredients possible. The packaging is usually either biodegradable or compostable, meaning these elements will be broken down easily with absolutely zero wastage. They are usually compostable, effectively helping to reduce carbon footprint.

Treats are sometimes uniquely produced themselves in specialized eco-friendly ovens and usually consist of natural ingredients that are not harmful to the environment. Producing treats in house is also common and saves on transportation vehicles, travelling long distances, to arrive at their final destination. This is a common cause of toxic Co2 emissions released into the air.

Why Should I Give My Dog Eco Treats Instead of Regular Treats?

If you choose to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle with your dog, opting for eco treats is a great idea. Regular treats are loaded with plastic and polystyrene packaging, which is highly harmful to the environment. Eco treats use packaging that is fully biodegradable or compostable, that can be broken down easily.

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Regular treats tend to be packed full of unnecessary ingredients. Some of these are highly toxic to dogs such as Carrageenan, and according to research conducted by the Cornucopia Institute, can have cancer causing effects. Eco treats are generally made from all natural ingredients that have been produced in such a way, to avoid a harmful effect on the environment.

Let’s take a look further at the types of Eco treats available on the market today for dogs. This will give you a better understanding of the types of products we are referring to, should you choose to take the road to an eco-friendly life with your canine friend. 

Harrington’s Chicken Liver Training Treats

Harrington’s Chicken Liver Training Treats are an all natural dog treat that are proudly produced in the UK. The grain free formula is particularly ideal for dogs with a sensitive digestive system, which can be a common issue for many dogs.  A complementary pet food, that is ideal for dogs that are 8 weeks and older.

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Harrington’s Chicken Liver Training Treats are high in natural vitamins and minerals that are an essential component for a healthy, happy dog. They are made with seaweed, which is a naturally high source of vitamins and minerals, as well as rich in protein, providing your dog with ultimate goodness.

Environmental Impact

Harrington’s are a highly environmentally conscious brand that seeks to monitor and control every step of the manufacturing process. From procuring the very best raw ingredients, right through to the packaging stage, where compostable bags are used, all eco-friendly options are provided by this brand.

Check out the Harrington’s Chicken Liver Training Treats – Here


Healthy Hounds Mini 

The Healthy Hound Mini Dog treats are an ideal option for any doggy training session. They are grain and additive free, which is particularly helpful with dogs that suffer from allergies and delicate stomachs. Ingredients are all natural and contain no artificial colours or added preservatives.

Fishy Options

We love the fact these treats come in a fishy flavour, as more often than not, dog treats are usually made from meat, such as chicken or beef. Beef, in particular, has a higher impact on the environment. This gives your dog a completely different flavour to activate their taste buds and provides variety in their diet. Fussy eaters fear not! This range also comes in Chicken, Duck and Turkey flavour too.

Great for Puppies

These treats are mini sized and we feel they would be absolutely ideal for pups over 16 weeks old. Many dog treats tend to come in quite large pieces that your puppy may find difficult to chew and could cause a choke hazard. Pups smaller jaws are not as established or strong as adult dogs and these treats are an ample size for small mouths to chew.

Check out Healthy Hounds Mini Dog Treats – Here


Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats

These tasty looking treats by Bounce and Bella are made with 80% Steam Cooked Fish and 20% Potato & Sweet Potato. Many dog treats on the market have a very little pure meat or fish content, so we are happy to see this grain free treat provides a great protein boost for your dog.

Grain Free

Grains can be particularly troublesome for some dogs and it’s surprising, even today, how many dog treats and feeds still include these types of fillers. Digestion problems are a regular occurrence in dogs eating high grain foods. The higher the grain content is, the less nutritious this will be for your dog. All Bella and Bounce products are free from grains, with no artificial colours or preservatives.

Calorie Controlled

Dog’s love treats so much, and we love giving our dog treats so much, that sometimes we can overfeed without even realising. Dogs don’t usually know when enough is enough and it’s something as responsible owners we need to monitor carefully. You won’t need to worry so much with the Bella and Bounce Grain Free Dog Treats. They are made with quality, high protein ingredients that are free from cheap fillers and are generally less fattening for your pooch.

Check Out Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats – Here


BUG BAKES Dog Treats

The Bug Bakes Dog Treats is a very unique brand, that was founded by entrepreneur, Ross Lamond. You may remember him taking his initial idea to the BBC show ‘Dragon’s Den’ earlier this year. These eco-friendly treats are getting quite a following and we didn’t want you to miss out on any of the action!

BUG BAKES Dog Treats

Unique Ingredients

If you are not a fan of insects you may want to prepare yourself. Yes, I did say insects, and that’s exactly what these treats are made from. The main ingredient is a flour made from Crickets that is high in protein and low in environmental impact. I’m not sure I’m overly enticed by this, but I’m sure your dog will love it!


This is a highly healthy, natural treat that is packed full of protein, thanks to the very unusual ingredients. Protein is an important part of your dog’s diet and contributes towards healthy hair, skin and muscle development. You won’t need to worry too much about portion control with these tasty treats, thanks to the low calories and high protein ingredients.

Check Out Bugs Bakes Dog Treats – Here


Bounce and Bella Natural Dog Chews

Bounce and Bella are a popular brand that prides themselves on producing their treats with 100% natural ingredients. Their treats consist of just one ingredient alone (pure meat) so you really can monitor what exactly your dog is consuming and ensure they have the healthiest diet possible.


These treats are made with only top-quality ingredients, providing the very best for your canine friend. All the nasty, unnecessary, chemical based ingredients have been excluded and they are free from sugar, grain, gluten, derivatives, additives and preservatives. This is particularly helpful for dogs with allergies and delicate stomachs.


The Bounce and Bella Natural Dog treats are freeze dried for days at low temperatures, to provide your dog with the ultimate taste explosion! These treats smell great too and we almost wanted to give them a try ourselves! (For the record, we didn’t).

Check Out Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Treats – Here


Final Thoughts

Dog treat formulas can vary enormously and keeping a close eye on ingredients introduced to your dog’s diet is always a wise idea. In general, you will find with most eco-friendly dog treats, that ingredients are all natural and high in protein. We can’t help but love the Bug Bakes Dog Treats, made with Cricket Flour.BUG BAKES Dog TreatsIt’s a unique dog treat with an unusual twist. Made by a relatively small company, which eliminates the need for major manufacturing processes, which in turn helps the environment. They are a great tasting treat and very reasonable on cost too. Although all the treats we have tested are great eco-friendly options, Bug Bakes personally gets the thumbs up from us! 

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