Eco-Friendly Dog Collars and Leashes

For those, dog owners looking to lead an eco-friendly life with their dog, buying products that are safe for the environment and great for your dog can sometimes be challenging.

Eco-friendly dog products are not so widely available and deciding where to buy can almost be as confusing as deciding what to buy. You’ll be surprised to know that there is a broad range of products for dog care that have been produced in an eco-friendly way. Simple examples include products like eco-friendly dog beds, eco-friendly dog treats, eco-friendly poop bags, the list goes on, but for this article, we’ll be looking at eco-friendly dog collars and leashes.

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Here at ‘How Dogs Play’ we always like to assist dog parents in their eco-friendly journey by providing them with all the latest information, there is to offer. Ultimately this eco-friendly decision is for you to decide at the end of the day, but there are many benefits you could consider before ruling this lifestyle choice out completely.

As stated above there are many different types of eco-friendly dog products on the market, but one product type that almost always gets forgotten is ‘Dog Collars and Leashes’. Why? Because sometimes we only think about plastic packaging and not the product itself. Let’s take a look a bit deeper into the world of Eco-friendly dog collars and leashes.

Description of Eco-Friendly Dog Collar and Leashs

Eco-Friendly Dog Collars and Leashes all have one thing in common. They are made from environmentally, sustainable, or recyclable materials that contribute to a zero-waste lifestyle.

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There are many types of dog collars on the market to choose from, but most are not eco-friendly at all. The materials tend to not break down very well and cannot be recycled so at the end of their life generally go to the trash.

To really embrace the eco-friendly life with your dog, there are some key materials you should look out for so you can ensure your purchase is safe for the environment:

There are many more variations that can be added to this list and it is advisable to double-check all packaging details carefully. You can be sure if a product is sustainable to the environment, the brand can’t wait to tell you about it.

What are the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Dog Collars and Leashes?

By committing to an eco-friendly life with your dog, you have decided to put the environment as one of your priorities and we applaud you! 

Eco-Friendly Dog Collars and Leashes are usually made from strong, durable natural materials (as opposed to man-made), meaning these types of products will last you a long time. They are comfy for your dog to wear and the materials used are toxic-free. Dogs with allergies in particular will find eco-friendly products beneficial, as most tend to be hypoallergenic.

Above all, by purchasing eco-friendly dog collars, you and your canine friend will be contributing to a cleaner, greener world which is highly beneficial for all. Let’s take a look at some of the great eco-friendly dog collars and leashes on the market today to aid you in your search. You won’t be disappointed!

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dog Leash 

The Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dog Leash is a single layer, soft and durable dog leash. It is hypoallergenic which is great for dogs with intolerances and comes in 9 bright colours to choose from. Suitable for any doggy style.

Bamboo Webbing

The leash is made from bamboo webbing which is a naturally sustainable resource and is friendly to the environment. This soft and strong product is hypoallergenic with odour resistant properties. We all know how smelly doggy products can get overtime and you will be pleased to know this leash is fully machine washable for ultimate convenience.


Although the Eco-Friendly Bamboo Leash is strong and durable, it is still very lightweight and soft which provides comfort for both you and your pooch. Going for walks with a heavy leash isn’t much fun for you and some of the heavier varieties are not very comfortable for your dog either. This leash is a nice even balance between quality and comfort.

Checkout the Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dog Leash 


Wagging Green Eco-Friendly Quick Release Dog Collar 

The Wagging Green Eco Friendly quick release dog collar is a traditional, premium product that is both hypoallergenic and fast drying. It is naturally odour resistant meaning less washing for you and is made from all-natural materials.

Quick Release

Having a quick release feature on collars is an important safety aspect of any doggy product. Dog’s sometimes find themselves in the strangest of predicaments and this safety collar will allow you to quickly and easily free your dog should they be in a situation where they have got caught up on a fixed object, such as a fence. We love this feature, as safety always comes first in our opinion.

Natural Colours

The Wagging Green Eco-Friendly Quick Release Collar comes in a wonderful selection of colours. Not everyone likes bright bold colours or snazzy designs and this collar provides a variety of natural shades that blend in well with your dog’s coat. If you are looking for subtle, this might be the one for you.

Checkout the Wagging Green Eco-Friendly Quick Release Dog Collar


Baloo’s Chews Organic Hemp Dog Collar

The Baloo Chews Organic Hemp Dog Collar is a super earth-friendly product that comes in 4 bright colours and 4 different sizes to choose from. It’s important to always get the right, fit for your dog and since these are fully adjustable too, you will find it easy getting that snug fit.


We love that this collar is made from Hemp which is organically grown and is 10 times stronger than cotton. Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly materials you can use. It is grown with 50% less water than cotton and keeps pesticides out of our precious land and soil. A big thumbs up from us for the materials used in this collar.


The Baloo’s Chews Organic Hemp Dog Collar is fully lined and super soft and comfortable for your dog to wear. Since it is made from organic hemp this collar is strong and durable and actually softens by itself over time. Sometimes our dog will be wearing a collar for a significant amount of time and it is important they are feeling comfortable for the duration.

Checkout the Baloo’s Chews Organic Hemp Dog Collar


Wagging Green Eco-Friendly Slip-On Martingale Dog Collar 

The Wagging Green Eco-Friendly collars are such a great brand that we decided to review another of their dog collar offerings. This is a soft adjustable collar with a double layer of protection and comes in a great choice of colours to choose from.

Natural Materials

This collar is made from natural bamboo webbing. It is highly durable and 100% biodegradable which is a great option for any eco-friendly dog and owner. It has a low impact on the environment and is fully sustainable. The 2nd layer of bamboo adds stiffness and structure to the collar whilst remaining soft and adjustable.


Slip-On Martingale Dog Collars are slightly different from the traditional variety and the Wagging Green Eco Friendly is an easy slip-on option with the ability to adjust sizing accordingly. Martingale collars work very well for dogs that tend to slip out of regular collars and they also are known to provide more control should you need it.

Checkout the Wagging Green Eco-Friendly Slip-On Martingale Dog Collar


DutchDog Amsterdam Eco-Friendly Van Gogh Dog Collar  

The Dutch Dog Amsterdam Eco-Friendly Van Gogh Dog Collar is a real head turner indeed! It is a fully adjustable collar and comes in 3 different sizes to fit most size sized dogs. This is one of our favourites thanks to its cool, funky design.

PET Webbing

This collar is made from strong Nylon PET Webbing which is a non-toxic material and is friendly to our skin as well as the environment. If you think about this, no owner in their right mind would even consider, knowingly, putting toxic chemicals on their canine friend. The reality however is, with traditional collars, you may be doing this without even realising.

Unique Design

The Dutch Dog Amsterdam Eco-Friendly Van Gogh Dog Collar is a super snazzy, colourful design that has a real arty feel about it. There are 6 different distinctive designs to choose from and we can’t help but feel in one of these, your dog will be the talk of the town.

Checkout the DutchDog Amsterdam Eco-Friendly Van Gogh Dog Collar


DutchDog Amsterdam Eco-Friendly Van Gogh Dog Collar 

I couldn’t believe it when I came across the FriendshipCollar Dog Collar and Matching Bracelet Set. Who wouldn’t want to be synced with their dog when going out for walks! This is probably the most heart-warming on our list for sure.


We love that this collar is vegan and completely cruelty-free. Going eco-friendly with your dog means looking at all avenues of being environmentally conscious. This product has never been tested on animals and does not use any animal products in the collar itself. It is ultimately kind towards animals and protects the earth by eliminating pollution through the meat production process. 

Matching Bracelet

We just had to mention this again.  After all, your dog is your best friend and having a matchy outfit when going out on walks is just too cute. This collar comes with a separate matching bracelet just for you and we can’t think of a better way to show off the bond between you and your dog. An unbreakable bond we like to think.

DutchDog Amsterdam Eco-Friendly Van Gogh Dog Collar


Final Thoughts

There are some great eco-friendly options available to buy and hopefully, the products listed above have been helpful in your search. We couldn’t believe it when we came across the FriendshipCollar Dog Collar and Matching Bracelet Set as we thought this was such a cool, unique idea that many dog owners will love the idea of.

From a very personal perspective, my heart will always lie heavily towards hemp products which is why the Baloo’s Chews Organic Hemp Dog Collar is the winner for me. Hemp products really do have it all. They can be recycled, reused easily, and are 100% biodegradable. Hemp is also a natural product that is soft on the skin and hypoallergenic. These types of collars are great for dogs with allergies and can keep your dog more comfortable for longer periods. 

Which one was your favourite?


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