Earth Friendly Dog Toys

Dogs just simply love to play and doggy toys can keep your pooch fully entertained for hours.

Most of our canine friends are fun, excitable bundles of liveliness that tend to take out that pent up energy on unsuspecting toys. There are so many toys in the market today to choose from, however, most are technically not classed as eco or earth friendly. By going eco-friendly with your dog, you are committing to taking responsibility for your actions and the doggy products you choose to buy. Let’s delve a little deeper into earth friendly dog toys to help you in making those right choices.

What are Earth Friendly Dog Toys?

Earth Friendly dog toys are a relatively new breed of products, designed to enhance your dog’s play time in an environmentally friendly way. Researchers have looked into the impact of pet products on the environment for many years now and the results have clearly shown they have a massive impact on the environment as per this wonderful article written by the Economist.

dog laying down next to toys

Most doggy toys are not deemed very eco-friendly, due to the types of materials used to produce these toys. They are often made of plastic or vinyl, which is neither biodegradable nor recyclable. Other materials such as rope is frequently made with toxic chemicals that has a disastrous impact on the environment. I mean, do you even want your dog playing with toxic rope in the first place? 

Earth friendly dog toys are generally made from materials such as hemp, bamboo and even 100% pure rubber to name, but a few. The one thing all these materials have in common is their sustainability.

What are the Benefits of Earth Friendly Dog Toys?

There are many reasons why your dog can benefit from earth friendly toys. In general, toys provide an outlet for dogs. They can help reduce stress and anxiety, combat boredom, provide much needed exercise and help to create a fun, engaging environment. Your dog’s welfare and happiness is your number one priority and providing your pooch with dog toys heavily contributes to their health and wellbeing.

dog catching frisbie

By providing not only dog toys, but ‘earth friendly dog toys’ you are helping the environment in such a major way. Finding natural doggy solutions means we are contributing to a zero waste policy where dog products can be either recycled or turned into compostable waste.

I can almost see you reading this right now and thinking “where on earth do I start?” Well, let’s take a look at some earth friendly dog toys being sold on the market today, which may help you and your canine friend take your very first steps to an eco-friendly life together.

Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc 

One of the oldest toys of all time is the trusty Frisbee. Dogs love to play with throw toys and this is a great alternative to the regular dog ball. It’s ideal for taking with you on doggy walks and can provide your dog with some added fun at the park. It can also be lots of fun for you too!

The Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc is a throw toy that is a great way to play fetch with your dog. You’ll need lots of open space around you when you’re using this toy as it literally does what it says on the tin. Keeping your pooch fit is an important part of taking care of your dog’s health and wellbeing. This toy helps your dog burn off excess energy and keeps you pretty active too! Double bonus!


The Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc is a lightweight toy that only weighs about 130 grams. This gives it the added benefit of travelling further distances compared to a regular dog ball. Your dog will need to run much further to retrieve the disc which aids in giving your dog a thorough work out.


“Plastic?” I hear you say??? Yes, you are correct, this toy is made from plastic, but with a twist. The Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc is made with 100%, non-toxic recycled plastic, meaning you can continue to lead an eco-friendly life with your dog guilt-free.

Check out the Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc – Here  


Green & Wilds Eco Dog Toy Barry the Banana 

I can’t think of dog off the top of my head right now that wouldn’t absolutely love Barry the Banana. Dog’s sometimes form an attachment to specific toys that provide them with comfort and familiarity. Barry could end up being your dog’s new eco-friendly buddy.

How does it work?

Barry the Banana is an indoor eco -friendly dog toy that will keep your dog fully entertained. It can be a great companion toy that could be particularly comforting when your dog is left at home on their own. It can be used to snuggle up with and makes a great chew toy.

Tough and Long-lasting

Barry the Banana is a tough, durable toy, which means it is likely to last your dog a long time. We all know dogs love to destroy toys in the blink of an eye and us owners don’t particularly want to be replacing toys every 5 minutes. Made with a suede outer cover and natural jute fibers, this animated toy is really built to last.

Tug of War

Chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs. It helps to clean their teeth and exercise their jaws, whilst providing hours of amusement. Green & Wilds Eco Dog Toy Barry the Banana is a great tug of war toy for your dog that provides for great mental and physical stimulation. 

Check out Green & Wilds Eco Dog Toy Barry the Banana – Here


Beco Dog Ball

The Beco Dog ball is a classic, hollow dog toy made from Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber. Dogs generally love to fetch toys as it lets them burn off lots of energy and provides stimulating fun. It is sold in 3 different colors to suit any doggy style and 3 different sizes available, suitable for any size pooch.


This ball is a bouncer and just adds to the fun for your dog. It can be a great toy to take to the park with you on walks but is gentle enough to be used at home too. The bouncing function encourages your dog to leap and bound for some high energy, low maintenance (for you), action.

Natural Rubber 

The Beco Dog ball is made from natural rubber and is an all sustainable dog toy solution. The ball is strong and elastic, making for a long lasting addition to your dog’s toy box. We love that the ball is made from natural rubber that is tapped from tree trunks of FSC certified forests. There’s absolutely no excuse not to go earth-friendly with fantastic dog products like this.

Check out Beco Dog Ball – Here


MEKEET Ainimo Dog Ball Toy 

The combination of playtime and treats is a highly exciting one for your canine friend. They get to jump around and have fun, whilst consuming a tasty snack. An absolute win-win in your pooches eyes. The MEKEET Ainimo Dog Ball Toy combines both activities, meeting your dog’s need in more ways than one.

Nontoxic and Bite resistant

This nontoxic ball is made from natural durable rubber. There are many products for dogs on the market that are made with materials containing potentially toxic substances, which we believe should be avoided at all costs. The MEKEET Ainimo Dog Ball Toy is bite resistant, which is particularly helpful for dogs that like to play rough and grind their teeth into toys.

Portion Control

Sometimes it can be difficult to manage your dog’s portions, particularly with treats. It is so easy for us owners to overfeed on treats without even realizing. The MEKEET Ainimo Dog Ball Toy allows for dog treats to be inserted inside the ball, so you can really monitor your dog’s intake effectively. The addition of treats also encourages ‘self-play’ which is an important consideration when your dog is home alone without any human assistance.

Check out the MEKEET Ainimo Dog Ball Toy – Here


Beco Rope Natural Hemp Toy

The Beco Rope Natural Hemp Toy is a triple knot rope that is ideal for dogs with strong teeth that like to pull and tug at objects. It is a toy that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and one that us humans can get fully involved in the action with.

dog rope toy

Sustainable Materials

This rope dog toy is made from hemp and the material is both hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This is an ideal toy for an eco-friendly dog, as hemp is fully biodegradable, meaning absolutely no wastage. Hemp is a strong, durable material that can withstand the force of even the strongest doggy jaws. Ideal for bigger dogs that don’t know their own strength! 


The Beco Rope Natural Hemp Toy is a cool, funky looking product, embellished with colorful strands of cotton to suit even the most stylish of pooches. It is available to buy in 3 different designs and 3 different sizes, making this an ideal product for your canine friend, whether they are great or small.

Check out Beco Rope Natural Hemp Toy – Here


Final Thoughts

All the products we have taken a look at are a great addition to your dog’s eco-friendly lifestyle. They are made from sustainable sources that help us protect the earth, whilst providing unlimited hours of fun and exercise.

I personally like the Check out the MEKEET Ainimo Dog Ball Toy for its versatility and snazzy design. It brings together two elements that dogs love and effectively kills two birds with one stone (not literally!).

This toy ball you will be pleased to know can be purchased at a very reasonable price, allowing even more canines to become earth-friendly dogs and owners to save some extra cash (which is never a complaint from me!).

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