Dog’s in costume that will put a smile on your face

I’ve always been prone to crack a smile whenever I see a dog in a costume, even if I’m in a not so good mood a dog in a costume can quickly turn that around. A costume on a dog of any size always seems to work in making me break out smile or laughter.

For some reason, there is something amusingly intriguing about the innocence of a poochie’s face and the mental associations of what the uniform represents. Seeing an image of a dog wearing a costume can cause you to consider the juxtaposition of what we humans see as conventional, like a fireman uniform with associations of what is unusual, the uniform on appearing in an unconventional way on a dog.

Another point to consider is the effort that the owner of the dog must have gone through and the amount of cooperation of the dog that’s required to pull off the dog wearing a costume exploit. I find it hilarious.

I’m sure you will feel the same after scrolling through this collection. A dog in a superhero costume is amongst one of my favourites. The How Dogs Play website celebrates dogs playfully enjoying life. When scrolling through this gallery, try to consider dogs in costumes as dogs playing. Let’s see how many pics you can go in with cracking a smile. Enjoy and leave a comment of your favourites below.


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