Best Eco-Friendly Doggie Poop Bags

Going eco-friendly with your dog requires you to look at every aspect of daily life with your pooch and analyze the types of products you use.

Many dog products exist that are bad for the environment and some small changes are required to follow an eco-friendly life. There are a handful of essential dog products that are used every day. One of the products we use the most are doggie poop bags and opting for a sustainable, environmentally friendly product is definitely the way forward for owners these days.

What are Eco-Friendly Doggie Poop Bags?

Let’s talk poop! Ok, so you’ve treated Rex to his favorite eco-friendly treats throughout the course of the day. It is inevitable as a dog owner you will need to take your dog out for walks daily for exercise and mental stimulation. With that, comes a responsibility for your dog’s behavior and actions. Daily walks, means daily poops, in sometimes not very convenient locations. It is your responsibility as an owner to pick up and dispose of any toilet action every time your dog goes.

Most owners use doggy bags to pick up poop and then dispose of them at the next available opportunity. Unfortunately the bags used are most commonly made of plastic or polystyrene which is a big thumbs down for any owner who is trying to lead an eco-friendly life with their pooch.

  • Eco-friendly doggie poop bags are made from biodegradable materials that can be broken down easily by the earth, with no micro-plastics left behind.

  • Eco-friendly poop bags are a great alternative and can be bought very easily online.


Why Should I Choose Eco rated dog Poop Bag?

When put very simply, our world is corrupted by pollution and toxic chemicals. It is our responsibility as human beings to take action and create change. We buy many different types of products for our canine friends from the absolute essentials such as feed and treats, to walking accessories, washing and bathing products and then finally let’s not forget all the fancy toys your dog loves to play with. You will find if you look into those purchases, most are made from harmful materials to the environment, which includes the packaging these items arrive in.

Poop bags are a common product to use for dog owners. Just think how many times your dog goes to do their business each week and then multiply that by 52 weeks of the year. That’s an awful lot of bags right? By purchasing earth rated poop bags, you and your canine friend are contributing to the world’s solution to this problem. You are making a significant difference to the environment and if every dog owner did the same, with poop bags alone, just think about what an achievement that would be for all?

Let’s take a look at some of the best eco-friendly doggie poop bags on the market and discuss why they could be a great option for you and your pooch to lead the most sustainable life possible.

Pogi’s Poop Bags

The Pogi’s Poop Bags come in a handy 50 Roll box (750 Dog Poo Bags in total) for ultimate convenience, and also have the addition of 2 Dispensers included in the pack. These bags are large enough to secure with a tie bow and are both sturdy and leak-proof, so you never have to worry about clean up getting messy.

EPI Technology

These modern style doggy poop bags are completely eco-friendly and are made from cardboard packaging and cores that are made from recyclable materials. The Pogi’s Poop Bags are designed using EPI technology that allows for the breakdown of materials to occur within an 18 month period.

Pleasant Scent

There’s no question about it, poop can be a smelly business! These bags are designed to completely take the edge off for you and are fully scented to provide the most pleasant experience possible. Picking up poop isn’t much fun for us dog owners and the fresh powdered scent will have you completely forgetting about what’s really in the bag!

Check Out The Pogi’s Poop Bags – Here


Scot-Petshop Original 

The Scot-PetShop Original Dog Poop Bags are an easy tie handle, unscented doggy poop solution that are ideal for any poo picking owner. These bags come in 5 stacks of 100 (500 in total), rather than the traditional roll and ensure a simple process for picking up your dog’s mess.


These bags are strong and sturdy and made with 15 micron of thickness, providing you with a quality bag for dog waste disposal duties. With an ergonomic design in mind, the Scot-PetShop Original Dog Poop bags cleverly feature 5cm gussets on each side, allowing the bag to open up extra wide for ultimate convenience.


The biodegradable bags are made with EXO bio- renewable plastic technology that is safe and friendly towards the environment. Believe it or not, some of the renewable materials used are actually made from recycled seashells!!! (It’s true!). These are the closest we have found to regular plastic poop bags. You won’t be able to tell the difference.

Check Out Scot-Petshop Original Dog Poop Bags – Here


Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

Earth Rated Dog Poo Bags are a recognized brand that sell 100% eco-friendly dog products at very reasonable prices. They provide environment friendly dog poo bags as part of their product range and are always seeking to evolve with their product designs to stay on top of the needs of their dedicated following of dog owners.

Easy to Use 

These bags are super easy to use, which will come as a relief to the ears of all responsible dog owners who clean up after their dogs. Scooping up dog poop is a very serious business! We don’t want any hassle when trying to assemble our dog poo bags ready for collection. The last thing we want is a messy clear up job. They are large enough to fully cover your hand/sleeve during pick up and there is plenty of room for tie handles to secure doggy mess securely.


The Earth Rated Dog Poo Bags, are extra thick, lavender scented and come with 2 very handy dispensers that makes going for walks a breeze. The dispensers hook onto any leash, allowing you to keep your hands free for the task. When you reach for a poo bag, you can rely on the sturdy dispenser to assist you with the job in hand, making walks so much easier.

Check Out The Earth Rated Dog Poo Bags – Here


Kumoya Dog Poop Bags 

The Kumoya Dog Poop Bags are extra strong, large bags that are highly durable. They are designed with environmentally friendly materials and are thoroughly leak proof. The last thing you need is a leaking poop bags on a walk around the park.

Corn Starch

These bags are made from plants and are a completely eco-friendly solution for clearing up doggy mess. They degrade quickly and are mostly made with corn starch and very little PE, in Kumoya’s very own compostable bag factory. We hadn’t heard of using corn starch before, but we think this could be a fantastic option.

Good Value

We were surprised to see on the advertising that this company declare their products are a bit more expensive than some of the other poop bags around, due to their sustainable manufacturing process. However when comparing these to other eco-friendly poop bags, we found them to be pretty reasonable on cost and would appear to be a good value for money product.

Check Out The Kumoya Poop Bags – Here


Toozey 360 Dog Poo Bags

The Toozey 360 Dog Poo Bags are 100% biodegradable and are made with a 100% leak proof guarantee. We love that these bags include a very handy dispenser and also an E-Book to help you train your dog, which is particularly helpful for new dog owners.


These bags are ideal for any dog or dog owners that suffers from allergies. If this is the case, it is never a good idea to bring scented items into the mix and it is common for our canine friend to suffer from allergies themselves. These unscented bags will provide you both with a pleasant walking experience and eliminate all hypersensitivities.

Tear proof

Many poop bags are made with thin, low quality materials that have the tendency to rip or tear easily. This isn’t an ideal situation when dealing with poop (no explanation needed), but you’ll be pleased to hear the Toozey 360 Dog Poo Bags are 100% tear proof. They are also made with a unique design that is really simple to tear off the roll, allowing you to pick up the legacies of your dog in the easiest way possible.

Check Out the Toozey 360 Dog Poo Bags Here


Final Thoughts

I bet you didn’t think that picking a doggy poop bag could be so complex?! It’s true to say that it isn’t overly complicated, but picking the right one for you and your eco-friendly dog takes some research, which hopefully we have been able to help you identify. We personally really liked the Earth Rated Dog Poo Bags. We were a massive fan of the lavender scent and thought the inclusion of the dispensers were a great added bonus that would make walks so much easier.

As a summary the key things to look for when choosing an eco-friendly dog poop bag are:

  • The materials used to make the product itself – anything plastic, polystyrene and non-sustainable is a big no no in the eco-friendly world of dog ownership.
  • The materials used to package the product – this should all be completely recyclable or compostable.
  • The way in which the product was made:
      • Did it have to travel by a gas guzzling truck to get from production to the end user (you)?

It’s pretty easy when you know what to look out for and most companies producing eco-friendly dog products are very transparent about their practices and processes which they tend to display clearly on their websites.

Happy Poop Picking Everyone!

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