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Dogs are dynamic creatures with personalities and characteristics that bring warmth and joy to the life of humans. Every dog breed has unique characteristics, and individual dogs within a breed have their own unique personalities. With this fact comes the site’s main purpose to explore and unravel the world of dog play.

Dog with a ball in its mouth

How Dogs play started out of one wannabe dog parent desire to learn as much as possible about man’s best friend before adopting a dog.

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All the information and resources that you’ll discover across the breadth of the site tries to capture the pleasures and fun that comes with having a canine companion.

You’ll encounter commentaries provided by newbie dog parents and passionate and experienced dogs parents. You’ll also find content contributions from experts relating to dog welfare. Although you should note that none of the information you encounter should be regarded as professional health advice. You should always seek to obtain your own professional and expert advice with regard to the welfare of your canine companion.

On How Dogs Play, you’ll come across the answers to some questions about dog health and welfare, which is usually taken for granted.

The content you’ll find on how dogs play will make you smile and can help you share the world of dog parenting with other dog parents. But most importantly this site is for a dog parent who wants to enrich and share the fun times they have with their canine companion.